本插件是关于Clothfx布料撕裂仿真blender插件,大小:190 KB,支持Blender 2.79 + 2.8 + 2.81版软件,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

ClothFX simplifies cloth tearing within blender by providing you with a set of tools, which allow for instant, real-time cloth tearing simulations. Below you can see the different types of tears you can generate when using this tool:
A collider object will trigger the edge splitting of the pre-teared mesh. This can be done on contact, or using proximity mode, which will tear by distance, rather than mesh collision. Here are the Trigger options as follows:
Collider object options:
Mesh Volume(enable on contact)
Proximity(trigger object distance)
Mesh+Proximity Volume(both)
Particles(use trigger object particles to define tears)
Collision settings(Outer/Inner)
Stress Parameter(Enable Dynamics)
Fast simulation workflow.
With ClothFX, you don't need to pre-bake any simulation. Tearing is done in realtime, & baked afterwards.


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